September 30, 2007

Being Perfect

So, to follow on from my slightly drunken rant last night, here's just a bit of a summary from yesterday - aka, The Greatest Day In The History of Forever.

1. I was incredible nervous, but as the game went on it became increasingly obvious that the Geelong Cats were going to win their first Grand Final in 44 years. And how!

2. To quote some dude who was quoted in the Herald Sun today - All Grand Finals are grand, but some are grander. Isn't that a great quote? Winning by 119 points, the largest winning margin in 111 years of the game, is pretty much as grand as it gets.

3. Geelong played the most perfect game of AFL I have ever seen, and is probably the finest example of modern AFL you're ever gonna see. If you were to show people what the hell our crazy little game is all about and how it's done you would show them this game. Geelong did everything right that they possible could have. Whereas Port Adelaide did everything wrong. You don't lose by 119 points by having an "off day", you lose by 119 points by being completely flogged by a better team. There is no way they could have been better. Not one single thing.

4. Surely, the Geelong Cats team of 2007 will go down as the greatest performing AFL team of all time. Right? Because they did everything you could possibly do. They won 15 games straight, they beat Richmond earlier in the year by over 157 points, they won the Rising Star Award, the Brownlow Medal (there's now a clip online, the Players Association award for Best Player, the Coaches Association award Best Coach, the Norm Smith medal, the VFL grand final, the AFL grand final and had nine players in the 22-member All Australian squad. The only award they lost was the Coleman medal, but that's because we spread our goal kicking around and don't rely on one man.

5. Because we hadn't won for so long and so many people thought we were gonna choke at the last hurdle it was bloody marvellous to win by 119 points, but perhaps in the next finals we play it'll be closer, make it more of a contest.

6. I want to marry Brad Ottens (there! to the right!), my precious sexy love monkey. That 30-metre running tackle was possibly the best play of the entire match. Just amazing athleticism. Could I love Ottens any more? I don't think so! If you do a search of "brad ottens" in Google Images on page two my profile image comes up! The Eternal Sunshine one you can see in the top corner. Loves it! Any man important enough to get Mark Thompson telling a roomful of media to "leave him alone, all of you!" must be worth it, hey?

7. Port Adelaide Power were sort of pathetic, non? Embarassing, shameful, humiliating, terrible... pick your adjective. Six goals in an entire match is just deplorable.

8. Paul Chapman would've been my vote for the Norm Smith medal (Steve Johnson, the winner, would've been my #2, then Ottens, Cam Mooney, Matty Scarlett and, well, the whole damn team!), but Chappers' hanger on Treadrae (left) was phenomenal. Mark of the match, obviously. Mark of the entire finals series? Hmmm...

9. The moment when the final siren rang out was just... the greatest. There were no words. Seeing people like Billy Brownless (four-time Grand Final loser between 1989-1996) crying like that was so great. I indeed shed a tear or two.

10. Mark Thompson: You're a legend!

I searched YouTube for the theme song to play and this is about as good as it gets. It's some woman doing the theme song in sign! The song goes for longer, but that's all there is. We really are "the greatest team of all" though, aren't we? I bet you've never heard "Toreador" like this before!

Now, to the town of Geelong. I give this town a bad rap (other than Portia de Rossi being born here thank you very much) but last night it was like the town just reversed everything that makes it so crummy. They closed down the main street in town and it basically became one big giant street party. On the streets were cars were driving around their horns were beeping non-stop. I - and I am not joking - ran through the streets and high fived anyone who had their car window open. And then were just running around the streets in joyous mayhem, waving flags and scarves around above our head. It was crazy and I loved it. That car that had been painted with blue stripes (below) was hilarious.

So, for now, the city of Geelong is back into my good books. Geelong the footy team are L-E-G-E-N-D-S, never to be bettered. I'll probably only talk about this once more after Wednesday when I'm gonna go to the parade for the players in the city. I think I'm going to make a sign for Brad Ottens - "Ruckie of the Century" perhaps? - and to ask for his hand in marriage. Granted, that may not go down that good, but whatever. We're made for each other, clearly.

PS; I was on TV! On the news when they showed footage from the city centre me and my friends could be seen. That's kind of cool. Gold Logie, please!

For more roundups and pictures and videos and all that stuff you can check out the Geelong Advertiser's website. And trust me, this is the only time I would ever advocate reading that "newspaper".

Oh! I just remembered something. If anybody is a fan of the New York Jets (as in the American football team) then you have a connection to the Geelong Cats! Your "punter" (is that what they're called?) Ben Graham used to play for us. He was a team captain for a while and he was amazing. He once kicked something like 90metres, which is freakin' HUGE.

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Adem IAR said...

Went and saw them at the parade today... was quite a good morning! Were you there? Got some so-so photos but my friends with the better cameras managed to get some stellar pics.