September 30, 2007

Keira Knightley: Red Carpet Glamour?

What will she wear? Keira Knightley is gearing up for what will surely be the biggest five months of her career (or, at least her acting career thus far) with the American premier of her new flick Atonement and the months and months of ensueing promotional work and the big bang of a very likely second Academy Award nomination and, let's face it, possible WIN. 2007's best actress roster is looking both incredible crowded, yet sparse. Keira's turn as Cecilia in Atonement could very easily be the ticket to Keira becoming the second youngest best actress winner ever (Marlee Matlin was 21 when she won for Children of a Lesser God, Keira turns 23 in March so she would be 22 at the time of the Oscars).

But, I am quite interested in what she is going to be wearing in this very important season. I think she looked quite great at the Venice Film Festival premiere for the film (below, with co-star James McAvoy) win that light pink texture of fairy floss dress. The dress she wore to the Venice photocall (right) was sort of plain though. Something a bit lighter for a photo op on a Venice canal dock may have made more of an impression instead of the heavy navy blue dress she wore.

The reason I am even discussing this however is because DListed had a story about how much Keira hates red carpets.

I hate red-carpet events; I absolutely hate them. I don't like the fact that people write, 'Oh, you look like crap' in print. Or 'I don't like your arms!'

Thing is, Keira has been known to make some, ahem, red carpet monstrosities, but I think we can all remember that absolutely stunning dress she wore to the 2006 Academy Awards where she was nominated for best actress for her role as Elizabeth Bennett in Joe Wright's (the same director as Atonement) Pride & Prejudice. Let's relive that amazing, brilliant, perfect outfit below. It's probably my favourite Oscar dress of the last few years. Classically beautiful in a wonderfully unorthadox colour and, for a girl who is constantly followed by anorexia rumours and quotes of "too skinny!", she actually wore a dress that clung tightly to her body yet actually made her look incredibly flattering and sexy.

So, here's hoping that Keira owns the red carpet in the following months on the way to collecting an Oscar statue. A recent re-watch of Pride & Prejudice made me decide that she deserved the Oscar for that from the list of nominees (with the absense of Joan Allen for Upside of Anger the category was pretty much null and void in my eyes though). I just like the idea of Knightley being an Oscar winner, giving us a chance to laugh at those idiots who are constantly "Keira is an ugly skinny british bitch, if she wins an Oscar I will kill myself she was in King Arthur omgzzzz!" (or whatever).

PS; As long as you keep dressing all fabo-like there will be no cause for "you look like crap" comments from me. I'm really cheering for you, I just like you for some reason. And I don't think the Academy "loses all credibility" by nominating you. It loses credibility by cutting off acceptance speeches and limiting nomination clips to a few brief seconds and then filling in time with pointless sketches and montages thank you very much. I'm done.


Anonymous said...

I think a nomination is quite possible, but a win very unlikely.
Although she does very well in it the part it is probably only just large enough to qualify as a leading one. And she is still very young so no one will feel the she's due or that it's "now or never".

The reactions it would provoke from some of the more rabid Winslet fans would certainly be amusing, though.

adam k. said...

Thanks for the link, Glenn.

James McAvoy is scrumptious in that picture. Only he and Ewan seem to be able to get me really excited about the pasty redhead thing.

I also think a win for Keira is unlikely. But for the fact that a win for anyone else seems unlikely, too. Though she might become the youngest ever to get two nods. Winslet was also 22, I believe, when she got her second. I guess probably a younger 22 than Keira, though.

I loved Reese a lot in 2005, but Keira was my second most deserving. Though I suppose I never saw Dench or Theron. Huffman impressed me, but I had too many problems with that film to want her to win.

adam k. said...

Hmmm, Keira WOULD however become the youngest ever to receive two nods in LEAD. That's kind of interesting.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Winslet's first nom was indeed for supporting actress in Sense and Sensibility.

As you say Adam the reason I think Keira could win is because nobody else is really getting any form of big bizz - granted many have yet to open, but I can't see Berry, Kidman, Carter (if she's lead) or any other unreleased getting there and Blanchett seems to be firming up for I'm Not There with Elizabeth's sequel disappointing and Julie Christie just seems too long ago to win (nom likely) and Cotillard is, surprisingly, probably the next most likely but she's in a foreign language film.

We'll get a better perspective in a month or so though.

Anon, Kidman won the lead Oscar despite being in The Hours for less than Julianne Moore (supporting nom) and Meryl Streep. So I honestly don't think that if the Academy really likes you that it matters whether you're in 50%, 60% or 90% of the movie. It's like saying people can't win supporting categories for being in the movie too much. The voters sort of make their own rules.