September 30, 2007

48 Hours My Arse!


Not only did he we beat the Port Adelaide Power, we beat them 119 points, making it the highest winning margin in over 100 years of the sport PLUS by winning the Grand Final by 119 points we basically became one of the most (if not the #1) dominent team in the 111-year history of the sport by winning the Rising Star (Joel Selwood), Brownlow Medal (Jimmy Bartel), Coach of the Year (Mark Thompson), Player of the Year (Gary Ablett Jr), Nine All-Australian players (out of 22), the Norm Smith Medal (Steve Johnson), the VFL Grand Final and the AFL Grand Final.



I've regularly hated upon my city of Geelong for being a hole, but tonight was the most amazing night in the history of this town. We actually won! For the first time in 44 years (coicidentally (?) the score that Port Adelaide made)! OMG!!!! I'm so excited. I hope I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I have no voice whatsoever!

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JA said...

I guess now Portia DeRossi ain't all Geelong wrote, then? ;-)