September 28, 2007


I'm not here for about 48 hours, I'm afraid. I'm going out for dinner now and then I've got work at 6.30am (yay!) and after that am heading straight over to my friend's place to watch Geelong take on the Port Adelaide Power in the AFL Grand Final and then, most likely, will be braving the pub scene whether we win or lose. And then Sunday is "the morning after" followed by work.

I could be in a very good mood when I return, or could not. It's up to Harley, Ablett, Ling, Ottens, Bartel, Scarlett, Corey and co to decide that.

In my absense you may watch the new video for Alicia Keys' amazing "No One". The video isn't anything mindblowing or anything like that - it shows that Alicia is a great singer and not a great lipsyncer - but the song itself is obviously one of the year's very best. Somehow Alicia has managed to change her voice, so that's something to think about! Methinks she's been burying herself into the Winfield Golds!

The part where she's all "oh oh oh oh oh" is particularly amazing.


adam k. said...

Glenn, please vote on the 5 least hot winners in WHO'S CUTER? and your favorite of the losers. I'm waiting up for you, and some others.

I can't start round 2 till I know who's eliminated!


Portia de Rossi Sucks said...

The guy is begging here, Glenn. Throw him a bone, mate. LOL

Also . . . this song is good but I'm not sure I'd say it's one of the year's best. I like digital keyboards, but the use of one in this song was, um, bad! In fact, without that distraction, the song would be much, much better.

Kamikaze Camel said...

(Portia is amazing)