April 17, 2007

Best. Day. Ever.

Okay, so, yesterday was pretty much the best day ever, alright. Pretty much because of two things. I will discuss each of them.

Reason #1
The Best Amazon Package Ever

Yesterday, I finally got my Amazon purchases and, omg, so good. I got the second and final season of my favourite show of all time Twin Peaks, which I have been waiting for for something like four years. I've already seen it, but that was only on dodgy VHS so I can't wait to watch it again. It was clearly one of the most polarising seasons of a television series ever. Some loved it, some despised it with the burning fire of a thousand suns. I watched the first 15 minutes or so of the season opener and it's already the most bizarre thing you're ever likely to see on TV. So great.

I also received the new "Music Edition" (that's a new one) for my favourite movie of all time, All That Jazz. It's so good. I love it. It has a new feature that skips directly to the musical sequences to save all that time and effort of fast forward through the extra bits. This movie just draws me in so much. I watch one bit and I need to watch another and another and then I need to watch the entire 10 minute finale and then I wanna watch it all over again.

I also received the special edition of Cabaret, which was uber cheap. I think the only version available in Australia is a feature-free edition so this was a worthy upgrade.

Reason #2
Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell. I love him so. Like, majorly. But y'all know that. Yesterday I read the news that Jamie is going to be taking over from Daniel Radcliffe in the West End play Equus. Yes. Jamie will be getting buck wild on stage... IN ENGLAND! Ugh. Nevertheless, my Jamie is gonna be in Equus and I'm super happy for him. It'll give him publicity everywhere, which he apparently needs because according to the Daily Mail article about it he had faded into obscurity (yeah, if you don't pay attention to indie movies and Green Day videoclips and freakin' KING KONG). Whatevs.

Hopefully we'll get some nice advertising material along the lines of what Daniel Radcliffe got. I always figured Jamie would be the kind of guy to go balls out on camera though anyway. I think it's because he's British? They seem to do that more over there than in America

If you want to follow LuLu and Ja's suggestion of a fundraiser to get me over there to go see Equus then feel free to give me your money. That'd totally be the greatest present ever.

Did I tell you guys that I replied to Jamie's golden girl porn MySpace message? I told him I think I should be embarassed that he seemingly discovered my shrine. And he replied... *sigh*... he replied:

nuttin to be embarassed bout mate
it alright. good to be thought of ya know! i didnt photoshop the golden girls pic i found it on the net.
so keep in touch and keep blogging


He... likes... to... be... though... of... BY ME!!! Holy shit, right?!

God, he tortures me so (and if he's reading this then I HOPE HE'S HAPPY!!)

I say all that with the utmost cheekiness.


Woodstock said...

i love jamie bell! the other day i had a dream that he was the star of julie taymer's musical across the universe instead of jim sturgess, a la a wake me up when spetember ends reprise. and he mesmerized in billy elliot... gotta see that one again.

as for twin peaks... g-d i'm dying to see it but i dont find the 1st season [the only one released in my lovely country] to rent. my friend and i are planning a marathon on it.

Madamoseille Epicness said...

Heh.. ^///^ Don't worry, Jamie would love to have a shrine.