April 11, 2007

From Jamie

So, I opened my MySpace message centre just now to discover I had a message from Jamie Bell. Now, I've never been entirely sure if this is the real Jamie Bell's page or just some loser pretending to be him. I've discussed this with another Jamiephile (Ninja Monkey, hi). I mean, he has pictures on there that have no place on a fan site (some look personal and not at all flattering (but which I love anyway), whereas on fan ones all the pics are usually just professional ones) and some of the things written on his page sound like him. But then again, he occasionally sends messages out to the people on his friends list. He also has a really awesome song as his MySpace music (GIRLS ALOUD!! BETTY BOO!! LO-FI FUNK!!)

So, back to me (as always). I got an... interesting message of Jamie today. I can't imagine the real Jamie bothering to go to all the effort, but it's still kind of fun to imagine it's really him who did this in Photoshop. If it is the real Jamie then I think I should be embarassed because, holy shit, that's embarassing to a normal person. Anyway. I took a screencapture of the message. A larger actual sized version can be viewed by clicking the below image.

I mean, the real Jamie wouldn't put a weird sort-of-stalkerish gay guy into his top friends (yeah, I'm in his top friends!) But... umm... if anyone has proof or not, let me know. I'm incredible curious as to the whole thing. Still, I do like to imagine that it is the real Jamie Bell and he was googling himself (that totally sounds rude btw) and came across my many entries about him (click the tag below) including the one where he and I rode a rollercoaster and I thought we could watch a Golden Girls marathon together and went "Yeah! It would be! I must fly down to Australia right now." Yeah... that'd be awesome. But not the Golden Girls Gone Wild marathon though.

edit: he also left me a picture comment. omg what do i doooooo?


J.D. Judge said...

How do you know that he isn't flattered with your stalkerish behaviour? Yes, I'm American and I spell it with a 'u'. It looks right.

What is it with The Golden Girls anyway? Oh-- Natalie Maines is AWESOME. My hero too. I'm on a Dixie Chicks binge right now and about to watch Shut Up & Sing (which is excellent, by the way.)

And add me to your MySpace. I'm Bennett-Darcy. I've sent a request, or I think I did...?

I've talked too much. And that MySpace seems like him. Be happy your in any Jamie Bell's top friends.

Kamikaze Camel said...

(spelling words like that with a u is totally the only way to write them)

Man, this has got me tripping out!

JA said...

OoooOOOoooooooOOOOh! Jaime LURVES you! ;-)

Now why doesn't Jake have a real MySpace?!?!?

SusanP said...

Ha, this is great. I hope for your sake it's him. I got a Yahoo Instant Message the other night from Clive Owen... A gal can dream...

P.S. Golden Girls Rule!