August 28, 2006

Welcome to the Cannavale

Incase y'all haven't noticed I have a definite thing for Italian men (I'd call 'em Italian Stallions but that's sorta lame and corny and they're not horses thnx). I'm pretty certain that when I meet the perfect man (no relation to that awful Hilary Duff movie) that he will be Italian.

The very finest, I believe, is Bobby Cannavale. I remember back in 1999 when a tv show called Third Watch premiered. The first moment Bobby walked on screen I was instantly hooked. He was dreamy. Most people seemed to be in love with Mr Plastic Fantastic No Personality Eddie Cibrian (WHY PEOPLE? WHY?), but not me. I loved Bobby so much that when he left the show in 2001 (due to lack of character storyline, apparently) I immediately stopped watching. What else was there? Since then he's gone on to appear in the delightful The Station Agent where he was my pick for Best Supporting Actor that year. He also appeared in another uniform (this time as a policeman, yum) on Will & Grace, appeared in two of my all time favourite shows Six Feet Under and Sex & the City (actually this show was before Third Watch, my mistake, but how can you forget that episode? LOL!) and then danced it up in Shall We Dance. I unfortunately haven't seen Happy Endings yet, but it's out now on DVD so some time soon! Oh, plus he's appeared off-broadway!

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I most recently watched him in Snakes on a Plane as an FBI agent (I think) who is so serious and has absolutely no idea how ludicrous the whole snakes-on-a-plane situation is and that the story that's happening in the sky is one of the most outlandishly ridiculous ever. Coming up he appears in John Turturro's unreleased Romance & Cigarettes, Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation, Justin Theroux's debut as a director Dedication and Brad Silberling's latest 10 Items or Less where he will be playing a character called Bobby. This will be the second time Bobby has played a character called Bobby (the other being Third Watch).

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He's an Emmy winner (for Will & Grace) and he has a penchant for playing gay roles or gay-friendly programs/films. Seriously he's "gone gay" in Will & Grace, Shall We Dance and Oz as well as appear on Six Feet Under, Sex & the City and been in The Night Listener and Happy Endings.

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So, yeah, I just wanted to share the love for Bobby. He don't get no respect, y'all. Enjoy the pictures of the Cannavale. You can find many more and more stuff about him over here or here. But, yeah, enjoy the rest of the Cannavale pictures. They're... hot as fuck (I was gonna be subtle, but no.) He's a major hottie! My personal faves are the last two below plus the one at the very top of this entry. Just... omg. He totally rocks a suit. I had found some NQSFW pics but I lost them. Poor me. :( I think you can click the images below to make them bigger, too. Yay for that.

BTW, I do realise that he's half Italian/half Cuban, but I like to ignore that fact and just focus on the Italian side, okay?!


DL said...

You should definitely watch Happy Endings, Bobby Canavale fan or not. I really really enjoyed everything about it, particularly Lisa Kudrow's performance. I LOVE her so much. <3

JA said...

Glenn, I saw him on the street a couple of months ago and he's even hotter in person.

Ali said...

Thank you for this post. That literally made my day. Sad, I know, but true.

P.S., his part in Happy Endings is kind of lame, so don't expect much from it, but the film overall is a lot of fun. And dl is correct, Kudrow is spectacular.

adam k. said...

What's wrong with half-Cuban? Cubanos are hot.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, I know, but it's all about the Italiano, Adam!

I really wanted to see Happy Endings before I even knew Bobby was in it. It was meant to come to my city but it didn't and so now it's a matter of hiring the DVD out but I haven't been to the store in aaaages

Ja, I am, like, a billion times more jealous of you now.

Joe R. said...

He plays gay IN The Night Listener as well. I know! But it's opposite Robin Williams, which cools things off considerably.

Emma said...


OMG... SO HOT. See: The Station Agent, Will & Grace

I dig Italian guys too! Phew!

jake said...

Oh yes, I've clicked, and I've enlarged... ;)