August 29, 2006

The Emmys (aka, TONY SHALHOUB WON AGAIN?!?!)

All I Have to say about The Emmys are "LOL" and "WTF?" Seriously, what are those emmy voters smoking? I can completely understand The Office cause that's funny but it's funny because of Steve Carell (well, about 70% Carell) yet Carell loses the Best Actor in a Comedy award to... TONY SHALHOUB?!?! Holy crap. That schtick got old a years ago. I coulda sworn that show had been axed, anyway!

Then there is 24. I think it's just my hatred for that show (sorry, but Jack Bauer officially stopped being interesting at the end of season 2. How many times can one man save the fucking world?!). Keifer Sutherland winning Best Actor? I would've been happy with this result five bloody years ago! God. Are the Emmy voters in some weird parallel universe? That would explain the absolutely ridiculously absurd nominations (seriously! four of the Best Actress in a Comedy nominees are from cancelled tv shows. Making the Desperate Housewives snub in that category even more bizarre. Three of the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominees were also from cancelled shows). And seriously, Francis Conroy deserved that Best Actress in a Drama statue for the last five years. Shame on your Emmy voters. You're tasteless gits.

Oh, and seriously? BARRY MANILOW?!

Some positives though. Was definitely glad to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus take out the Comedy Actress category. I love her so much, even though her speech was really weird to watch. Kelly Macdonald winning was a surprising turn, but delightful nonetheless. Umm... yeah, that's about it. And The Office, but I already mentioned that. Oh, I forgot the actual major highlight! Seeing the entire Ellen Burstyn performance in her nomination clip. COMEDY GOLD, PEOPLE!

As for the actual show itself, it was at times really good and at times annoying. The red carpet special was truly abyssmal. Seriously. They will have their fashion commentators being all "Now we have Mariska Margitay in a stunning dress" yet they will ONLY SHOW A CLOSEUP OF HER FACE!!!!!! aagh. Like, I don't give a flying fuck about who they're wearing, how comfortable it is, how hot it is, how long it took them to get ready I JUST WANT TO SEE PRETTY (ornotsoprettyomg) DRESSES!!! Seriously, is that too much to ask of a red carpet special? And who the fuck is Billy Bush? He's a tiny tiny man. And they should only get homosexual men to cover these events because the hetero dudes sound ridiculous. It's as if they're trying to make it sounds as if they're not only doing it for the cash and to look at prime Hollywood chests (and that includes Simon Cowell's! omg that's grotesque. They're called BUTTONS Simon. They're attached to a shirt for a reason). And seriously, that woman who didn't realise that Annette Bening has been screwed over for Oscar's three times and that her comments were ridiculous unresearched and insulting. And then when Annette tried to correct her she was blissfully unaware. Dumb retched idiot.

Conan O'Brian was good. His bizarre musical sequence at the start was really fun. He always looks so gangly so the whole Music Man thing looked good. The most annoying thing about the presenters were that, like, 75% of them all made jokes about how they weren't gonna make jokes. Yet, they're weren't funny! So... they should've just NOT made ANY jokes about making jokes and left it at that.

So, yeah... whatever. Check out the link below for more Emmy fun! No, seriously!

Emmy dresses fugged at Go Fug Yourself

But seriously... Tony Shalhoub? Awful...


Simon A said...

Mary Louise Parker REALLY should have been nominated for best actress in a comedy, and the fact that Weeds wasn't nominated in the comedy category but Two and a Half Men was is a fucking crime.

Also, does ANYONE give a shit about Monk? Anyone anywhere?

Kamikaze Camel said...

The answer to the Monk question is a big resounding NO except for the boring old farts of the Emmy Academy.

And I sort of mentally blocked Two and a Half Men out of my mind.

Why do people watch that crap?

DL said...

Yeah, Mary-Louise Parker should've won, let alone be nominated. She's such a hot mom, and a fantastic actress too. And as much as I hated Season 2 of Desperate Housewives, I didn't stop loving Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman's work.

And believe it or not, Billy Bush is gay. :O And he's also George Dubbya's cousin. Or nephew. I can't remember, maybe he's both.

Drew said...

I'm with you on the Monk thing. Also, it's good to know that the news of the show's suckitude has spread to the other side of the world.

adam k. said...

The Monk win was really shocking.

Which of the five actresses was not on a cancelled show? Julia? Yeah, and how did they manage not to nominate MLP, Lauren Graham, or ANY of the Housewives? It's like they were deliberately trying not to. NONE of these nominees were the same as at the globes. Not a single one.

Though I thought the show itself was great. Despite the stupidity of the winners. Conan was great. Very funny.

adam k. said...

Although actually I don't really like Lauren Graham, just find it ridiculous that they've never once nommed her when people love Gilmore Girls so much. EVEN when no housewives were nommed. And I like Debra Messing and Jane Kaczmarek. And I don't like the housewives so much. But the WTF factor of how random all the noms were in that category is just too much.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It seems to me that if the Emmy voters loved Stockard Channing, Lisa Kudrow and Jane Kazmarek then their cancelled shows would've gotten some more nods. The Comeback got a writing nod, but that's about it. I can fully understand Debra Messing though because they love that show even when it's not up for Best Comedy Series.

And, yeah, Julia was the only non-cancelled one. It does seem odd that no MLP or Graham or the Housewives or whoever got nommed.

At least that category will be completely new next year except for Julia.