July 2, 2006

Some quick links for you

Ray Lawrence speaks to The Australian about his new film Jindabyne. Ray Lawrence created one of the greatest ever "domestic drama" genre in the form of Lantana, which I can't praise enough. 5 years later his new film, which stars Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, John Howard, Deborah Lee Furness and Leah Purcell among many more, is to be released July 20 and I can't freakin' wait. It involves three men who go on a fishing trip and discover a young girl's corpse, but decide to wait until their trip is over before telling the police. It then follows the ramifications of their actions and how it affects both them, their wives and the town. It's based on the short story So Much Water, So Close to Home, which Robert Altman actually used as part of his Short Cuts film (and we all know how that film ended up).

He likes to use only natural lighting. He keeps the amount of film-making paraphernalia to aminimum. "I would get rid of the camera if I could," Lawrence says.

He's Australia's own Terrence Malick of sorts. It was 16 years between his first film (Bliss) and his second, so we should be thankful it only took him 5 years to release another.

This article from Slate, wonderfully tries to justify Larry Clark (Bully, Kids) and his place in the industry (I speak of the porn industry, not the film industry, :P). He's a sick creepy old man, but I like reading people trying to convince me otherwise because it's a pointless exercise (sort of like Clark's movies)

Movie City News reports on rule changes for the Academy. Most changes revolve the ludicrously ruled Foreign Language Film category. One of the changes is below. They mention an Italian film being the only problem, but I believe Belgium tried to submit Michael Haneke's Hidden but were refused because it's in the French language.

In another change for the Foreign Language award, entries submitted in the category no longer must be in an official language of the country submitting the film. So long as the dominant language is not English, a picture from any country may be in any language or combination of languages.

Also, the Best Sound Editing category will increase it's nominees from three to five and won't include a "bake-off" like it has had in the past.

I'm torn over this movie. 1. It's from the writer of Million Dollar Baby and Crash, but it does star Zach Braff, Rachel Bilson, Jacinta Barrett, Tom Wilkinson, Blythe Danner and Casey Affleck. But, look at that poster. It's atrocious. I. Hate. White. Space. On. Posters. Seriously, FILL IT WITH SOMETHING! Still, it's not as awful as this one. Man, how did they ever think that poster was gonna make people wanna see that movie?

Johnny Depp says NO!... apparently, he's said he was never even approached to play Michael Hutchence in Slide Away, the biopic of said legend. I've brought up the Michael Hutchence biopic before. You can see them here (which is before the movie was announce. It was inevitable I guess) and here (in which I wished Noah Taylor would get the role and not Johnny (cause Noah's Australian and looks more like him). Oh well.

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DL said...

I saw the trailer for The Last Kiss about a week ago, and still vividly remember it. Looks golden to me.