January 5, 2006

Here's a question

Nathaniel brought up a while back that they need to make a Liza Minelli biopic right now starring Toni Collette.

Here's my question. Why has no one (I'm thinking much more towards the Australian film industry) thought of making a Michael Hutchence biopic starring Noah Taylor? Cause seriously. That movie would have all the typical stuff that make successful biopics. Humble beginnings (he comes from Perth), big stardom (INXS for crying out loud. INXS one of the greatest bands of the 80s and 90s), famous girlfriends (Kylie Minogue), drug abuse (alcoholism mostly), finally settling down to a family life (Paula Yates plus child), and ultimately death (suicide by hanging in a hotel room).

And I can just SEE Noah Taylor in this role.

God, no wonder the highest grossing Aussie film (in Australia) this year was Wolf Creek if they're not making movies other than arty ones such as Look Both Ways, Little Fish, Oyster Farmer and The Proposition. It's not surprise that the highest grosser was a horror thriller about a psycho serial killer aimed at mass audiences.

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