July 2, 2006


Superman is bad in bed. And by that I mean, his performance levels are really bad. And by that I mean, people are unsatisfied - and thats those who could be bothered showing up.

And by that I mean Superman Returns is going to have one helluva disappointing opening weekend. It's not even certain to make $50mil on the Friday-Sunday portion of the weekend. This is sounding so much like King Kong it hurts. Everyone was saying it would command and conquer and didn't even bother to notice that they're opening one week before a sequel people legitimately want (I speak of Pirates of the Caribbean) but coming in at $50 after posting disappointing mid-week numbers.

Of course, the whole national holiday stuff over there could mean more people see the film on Saturday and Sunday, but there's no doubt that this will be disappointing for all of those guys involved. They just need to pray for legs (considering the film cost about $300mil).

I haven't seen the film yet (I've been so lazy lately), but I never really cared all that much. I mean, I want to see it, but I was never "OMG i MUST see that straight away", which I think a lot of people were like.

Needless to say, the box-office ain't all doom and gloom. The Devil Waers Prada also opened over there and looks set to make a whole lot of cash that wasn't expected. The Meryl Streep/Ann Hathaway movie about fashion should make about half of what Superman Returns will make, which makes it an unqualified success. Anything over $15mil was enough to be considered a hit for this movie and about $26-$30mil is just golden. Who'dve though that Meryl wearing high-class fashion could steal all the box-office thunder from the truth, justice and the American way?

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