July 2, 2006

Holy Sexual Assault, Batman!

Every year "Big Brother" is on the air I find myself watching it. This year I have but not to any degree really. This year it's just kind of there. I never care if I miss an episode and there's only one person I legitimately like (there were two, but he got evicted). I really like Camilla, I think she's a champ.

However, last night two male housemates (Ashley and John) were thrown out of the house for committing a "serious" sexual assault against a female housemate at 4am. It's believed the female is Camilla. The article explains that the incident appeared to involve the two guys holding Camilla down and slapping her face with their dicks. I... I... WTF? God, from the very start of this season I've complained that the men in this season are mostly all idiots and quite a few were actually quite horrible people. And while I liked Ashley (well, in a physical sense anyway - he never really does anything) I didn't like John at all. But, seriously... what the fuck were they thinking? Obviously they were drunk but that's no excuse. Did they think they wouldn't get caught?

Speaking of getting drunk, I went to Tony's 18th last night! It had a goth theme so everyone was wearing black. I used to work with Tony at BiLo (a supermarket) until left recently. All us BiLo bitches went to Abbie's house for pre-drinks and to get ready. Most of us put stuff like black nailpolish and eye make-up on. I got my nails and eyes done but didn't get my lips all blackified. It was so much fun, but I got incredibly drunk. It's strange though, cause I never get hangovers and I never forget stuff that happened but I woke up this morning with an incredible headache (and a sore neck, but that was from too much headbanging lol). And I also couldn't remember how I got inside my house! I remember Cheryl dropping me off and me getting out of the car. BUT, I didn't take my house key and I can't remember how I got inside. I woke up at 6am still wearing all my clothes and with my wallet and phone still in my pockets. I'm still scratching my head about that one...

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