June 30, 2006

Nat's Actors of the Aughts countdown concludes

Nat, over at the Film Experience (as y'all know, right?) concluded his countdown today on the best actors of the aughts. It came down to the wire between Gael Garcia Bernal and Jude Law (two supreme hotties and fabo actors to boot), but the winner was the Brit Jude.

The final top 10 was

10. George Clooney
9. Christian Bale
8. Daniel Craig
7. Peter Sarsgaard
6. Clive Owen
5. Johnny Depp
4. Tony Leung Chiu Wai
3. Ewan McGregor
2. Gael Garcia Bernal
1. Jude Law

If I were to do the list, Craig wouldn't even feature, Sarsgaard would be all the way down the other end and McGregor would be around the #30 mark, however the rest would all be very high. It's sort of sad that the countdown is over now though. I'm sort of annoyed that I didn't include Jude Law's I Heart Huckabees perf in my Top 100 of the '00s. I've rewatched it twice since I did that list and he really shoulda been on there. But so should others that I realised too late. Oh well, let's ogle.

It still amazes me how great he looked as a woman, too (below). Man, Bad Education was fantastic. That movie just keeps getting better and better in my mind as I go along. I need to have an Almodovar marathon and include some of his older stuff that I haven't seen able to see (Bad Habits and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown have just been released on DVD. YAY!

Now, I gotta get ready for work.


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