June 13, 2006

Various things that I feel like mentioning at this point in time (but not tomorrow)

Australia beat Japan 3-1 in their World Cup game. That's sorta excellent. I wish I enjoyed physically watching the sport. The fact that all of their points were scored in the final 5 minutes just proves my point that I wouldn't have been able to stand watching it for 2 hours+. Javier, is Uruguay in the Cup? If not, who are you cheering for? Australia plays Brazil next. Are you a Brazil supporter?

I indeed was not watching the game however as I was watching the second last episode of Six Feet Under. Next week is the very last episode ever and it's gonna be hella sad for me. You see, Six Feet Under is one of my three favourite shows EVER (I'd rank "Twin Peaks" and "Seinfeld" above it)

Remember when Go! came out many moons ago and it felt like every single song of the soundtrack was being released and becoming a hit, there was one called "Steal My Sunshine" by Len. I only just realised that that song samples one of my favourite songs EVER - "More More More (Part I)" by Andrea True Connection from 1974. I don't why I never noticed this before because I've been listening to Sunshine since 1999 and More for a few years and... I dunno. It's weird how things just suddenly come to you.

Speaking of samples - is it wrong that I still love Rihanna's "SOS". The song is probably one of the greatest examples recently of a great sample rather than a great song, but if you're gonna use a song such as "Tainted Love" as a sample you might as well milk it for all it's worth.

Y'all really need to download "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright. It's truly brilliant.

In movie news, how great is this news. I love it when high profile movies cast unknowns. And I particularly like it with Hairspray because Ricki Lake was an unknown when she starred in the 1988 remake. That's one thing I keep saying about the proposed East of Eden remake. James Dean was an unknown when Elia Kazan cast him and we all know how that one turned out. So I hope when they're casting this remake (*sigh*) they also go with an unknown. It at least makes it feel like they give two hoots.

I've gotten into a little debate about Straw Dogs over at Dave Poland's Hot Blog. I mentioned it was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen and a whole bunch of people were all "you can't just say that X movie is the worst ever" or whatever. And I'm all "people say broad statements all the time" or whatever. I directed people to my blog articles because they wanted some explanation or whatever.

Lol, fine for them to like the movie but apparently i'm WRONG for disliking it. *scowl* and I won't forget it.


JavierAG said...

Brazil? Ewwww. No thanks. I hope you guys win this but Brazil is of course a super-strong team. Still, you already won a match so if you can master Croatia (even if you lose to Brazil) you will make it to the next round.

Uruguay didn't make it, no. Actually we lost to Australia in the final game to enter the competition and lost. (And I'm still rooting for you guys anyway, am I not nice?)

Oh, and football is the male equivalent of women fighting in mud. It's all really gay when you think about it, but it's still considered manly because, dude, this is like, football you know! A macho sport! Yay! ;)

RC said...

i loved the go soundtrack, esp. the len song.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

adam k. said...

Glenn, how do you all this sidebar stuff? i am dumb and confused, and want to make a sidebar for links, grades, the Streepathon, etc. Could you shoot me an Email?

Kamikaze Camel said...

ooh, i thought we played Paraguay! That would explain why I was confused as to why Paraguay was in the competition.

AFL is the gayest sport around. Really. It's so homoerotic.

Adam, that'd be a long e-mail, but i'll write you one when I can!