June 12, 2006

Soccer, Bloody Soccer!

So, the World Cup started the other night. I saw about 15 minutes of the opening ceremony and I was confused the entire time. It sorta didn't make any sense, but whatever. Those wacky Europeans didn't exactly make the Greek Opening Ceremony of the Olympics make sense either. Anyway. So, tonight Australia plays it's first World Cup soccer match in something like 30 years. Because, you see, Australia sucks at soccer, but somehow this year they didn't and they made it in. They play Japan. I can only hope that this means everyone will be watching it and nobody will be at work because I have to be by myself from 8.30-10 (closing time) and if it's busy I'm sorta screwed. Anyway. Incase you wanted to know, the above picture is from Australia vs er, Liechtenstein (Are there any Leichtenstein...ians(?) out there?)

I, personally, can't stand watching soccer. It's so boring, but it's awesome having Australia in there. I hope they win. I love the picture below of Liechtenstein protecting their goal from John Aloisi. Those two guys are striking a Michael Jackson pose. lol, they look really scared.

Oh well, in honour of the World Cup, here are:

1. Best in Show (2000, Dog Shows)
2. Hoop Dreams (1994, Basketball)
3. Bring It On (2000, Cheerleading)
4. Field of Dreams (1989, Baseball)
5. Raging Bull (1980, Boxing)
5.5 The Sandlot Kids (1993, Baseball)

Best in Show is totally a sport movie. Dog shows are competitive, y'all. Hoop Dreams. *sigh*. Hoop Dreams. From my viewing, Dreams is the finest documentary ever made. Just brilliant. Cheerleading is officially a sport, so Bring it On classifies. Field of Dreams was so great. I was very surprised by that one. Raging Bull isn't a movie I would ever find myself wanting to go back to watch multiple times, but it was a great flick. And I put The Sandlot Kids in there cause I loved that movie as a kid.

If any of you guys are actually watching the World Cup, I hope your team does well! Now, I'm hungry.


RC said...

you totally included best in show to be controversial.

My favorites w/ sports as a major theme:

Fever Pitch (baseball)
Million Dollar Baby (boxing)
Seabiscuit (horse racing, also hardly a sport)
Gladiator (all sorts of Collesium sport)
Babe (Sheep dogging)
A League of there own (baseball)
Field of Dreams (i agree great baseball flick)

Kamikaze Camel said...

A League of Their Own was much better when I was younger and would've included it in my Top 30, but nowadays I find it a tad harder to watch, but it's still great.

I actually chose Best in Show because it was the only one in my Top 50 that had a sports theme (Hoop Dreams was just outside and Bring it On... well, i won't ruin that because i may do a countdown soon)

JavierAG said...

I watch, I watch! Germany vs. Costa Rica was a blast, though Sweden was a definite disappointment.

I hope you beat the crap out of Japan btw!

Kamikaze Camel said...

Hey Javier, we did! We scored three goals in the last 5 minutes to win 3-1.

I wasn't watching it though, instead I was watching the second last episode of Six Feet Under.

adam k. said...

Am I wrong to have had dirty thoughts about that first soccer picture there?

I love that two of your sport movies were for dog-showing and cheerleading. Have you seen Bull Durham? That's a pretty great sports movie... but not as great as Nat thinks it is. I myself need to see A League of Their Own... I love me some Geena Davis.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I haven't seen Bull Durham actually. I prolly should because I like Costner and Sarandon mucho.