June 13, 2006

"We shall only be a little while..."


Ali said...

YES. I adore this film. It still scares the hell out of me every time I watch it, and it doesn't even have any "boo" moments really. It would be in my theoretical top ten.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Hmm, it wouldn't get that high on mine but it's definitely hovering around the 30 mark.

I was writing about it for school and I rewatched the picnic sequence. Man, that girl's scream is just so freakin' scary.

Just the *idea* of that movie scares me. Sorta like The Blair Witch Project. They're not "OMG that bit where the music went really loud was so scary", but they work their way into your brain and eat away and gradually creep you out to no end.

Beau said...

Yeah, I got a BW vibe from it as well. While I personally feel that Blair Witch is one of the greatest horror films of all times, many tend to disagree with that statement.
Picnic at Hanging Rock I watched just about two weeks ago, and it was rather haunting. I didn't fall in love with the film, but I did like the way everything was handled and left unexplained. The young women had a presence to them that all at once felt ethereal and cold. Frightening.
I personally loved how it's never explained what happened. The ambiguity of the film just adds to its ability to haunt the mind, and it did that job fairly well for me. Very intriguing work.