October 8, 2007

Lindsay Watch

Teehee. I took the following screengrab from my Facebook profile. It's of a feature called "Lindsay Watch" with updates on where everyone's favourite coked out Utah-residing stripper wannabe is. I found it on the page of supreme earth being Adem (of I'm Always Right - read it, he's a hoot) and promptly added it to my profile even though I'm sort of over Linday.

Also, if there are any readers from Geelong on here then you should definitely listen to 94.7 the Pulse on Friday nights between 8 and 10 as Adem hosts the Inside Splinters show dedicated to extending his love to pop music onto unsuspecting tourists and university crammers. With Adem doing the Inside Splinters show on air and the equivilent columb in Forte alongside my obviously pop-favoured music reviews in the same mag it's like we're a rag tag team of pop obsessives slowly trying to convert this lowly town over to the throws of popdome.

So, Adem, when am I gonna be able to come in and rock out with you?


Ali said...

You're on Facebook? Consider yourself added.

I'm trying to avoid all applications, but I admit I was tempted to add a "Paris Hilton Status" on my wall during the prison drama earlier this summer.

Adem IAR said...

Why, I believe you'll be joining me on the 19th of this month my dear Glenn!

Looking forward to it.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Ooh, it'll be ace. I'm thinking of what songs to play.

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