September 24, 2007


Jimmy Bartel won the Brownlow!! I didn't think he could (or would), but he did! Way to go! For you international people the Brownlow Medal is the award they give out to the best player of the year. Now all Geelong needs to do is win the Grand Final and they will have done the rare quadruple feat of winning the Rising Star, Brownlow Medal, VFL Grand Final and AFL Grand Final. I know it's entirely out of character for me to be discussing sport (hello!), but I've actually just been holding my tongue (er, fingers?) all year when it comes to Geelong and the AFL. You see, Geelong have lost four Grand Finals in my 21 years, and I was there at the MCG for three of them, and so this year when they were winning game after game after game I didn't wanna say anything, but... but... I can't help it now.

Please Geelong, just win on Saturday and I'll forgive you for years (and years) of torture. Don't expect me to be around here on Saturday as I will be barracking like a hooligan!

PS; Jimmy's a cutie, too. He was wearing a very dapper suit tonight (edit - I got a picture from the ABC website). His "date" for the night was one of the VFL players because his girlfriend is home in Denmark. How cute is that?


adam k. said...

Jimmy Bartel is very cute. And yay for the word "dapper!" I would give a lot to hear you actually say these words out loud.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I don't tend to say "dapper" that often, but I would just for you!