September 21, 2007

The Greatest Team Of All

We are Geelong
The greatest team of all
We are Geelong
We're sometimes always on the ball
We play the game sort of haphazardly as it should be played
At home or far away
Our banners fly high
From dawn to dark
Down at Skilled Stadium Kardinia Park

Thank you Geelong Cats for, effectively, giving me a heart attack. This is what I get from watching sport. But, we're in the grand final of the AFL for the first time in 12 years!! It's sort of like the Superbowl, but involving a sport that's a) watchable, b) tough and c) filled with hot guys. Now, I've gotta go relax because those two and a half hours were so bloody intense. The Cats played poorly (so many mistakes!) but they still won so I sort of don't care. Here's hoping they win next week. I can't handle five losing Grand Finals in my lifetime (and I'm only 21!)


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Adem IAR said...


That was a very sad game for this Collingwood supporter, but congratulations ya pricks. :P