May 6, 2007

Paris, Burnt to the Ground

I'm not going to comment much about the hilarious news, but let's face it - if our entire world were a sitcom (think Once More With Feeling but with a laughtrack) then the effeminite gay lawyer would stamp his hot pink gavell down and say "45 days in prison for driving without a licence... and CRIMES AGAINST FASHION!" or something cutting like that. Still. This is all sort of funny. Apparently the judge was "pathetic" (according to her mother) because, ya know, he actually gave a celebrity what for, which in California is about as common as an Eskimo in Tijuana. The end.


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J.D. Judge said...

"An eskimo in Tijuana."

God, you're brilliant. Although... they have been known to be in some donkey shows, believe me I'd kn-- uh... nevermind... :D

Paxton Hernandez said...


Actually THERE are eskimos in Tijuana. Eskimos is a common name for milkshakes. Mmm... Tasty!

Hopefully someday we can get a sitcom about Paris and her silly, idiotic misadventures, Glenn.

Good idle weekend all,

Paxton Hernandez said...

And hopefully, we'll get that Hotel Darfur made some day = D

Marius said...

Hm, Glenn, you seem interested in Ms. Hilton. If you like, we can have her shipped to Australia ASAP. And you all can keep her.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I make no secret that I used to enjoy Ms Hilton's shenanigans and that her album had, shock, several really good songs on it. But generally, I'm sick of her. Having her shipped off to prison is just funny though.

Bruno, it's an Academy award winner before it's even announced!

J.D. Judge said...

"Shenanigans"? Ah, you Aussies and your funny words!

And I really hate her, mainly just to hate her, just like she's famous for being famous. She was the only reason I wanted to see House of Wax, her death scene. [sighs]