May 6, 2007

Helen Mirren doesn't look so pale anymore

She got out of that crusty old HRM Queen Elizabeth II makeup and instead now sort of looks like Angelina Jolie in heavy makeup. Oh, wait, I was just getting confused by the abundant similarities between the trailers for last year's The Queen and the upcoming A Mighty Heart. My mistake.

Okay, so the similaties aren't huge, but the starts of them are! The paparazzi! The captions (they both "shocked the world", don'cha know)! It made me laugh briefly. Check out The Queen trailer here and the A Mighty Heart trailer here.


Paxton Hernandez said...


Oh you did not just do the "there are starving children in africa" thing. I hate that.

WTF, Glenn! I'm a big fan of your blog and I consider you a really cool Aussie moviegoer/critic but Glenn, try to read the newspapers a little bit. Seriously. I'm offended by this display of ignorance.

Darfur isn't about starving children in Africa!!! Grrrr!!!!! It's a fucking civil war that has left a toil of over 400,000 casualties and going UP.


I just don't see these people getting "aroused" in theaters while watching Saw and Hostel. The people I went with and the other guys in theater weren't cheering when the people were being tortured or killed during those films. Not happening.

Now, I see (some) of your points. The day someone cheers in a theater while someone is torturing NOW we have something really fucked up. I'll give you that.

But in the other hand... Violence is in our genes, Glenn. And it's better to satisfy that instict in a movie theater that shooting your classmates at campus.

Take care and good weekend. All cool with ya :)


PS. The scariest image I've ever seen in my life wasn't showed in a movie. It was in the frontpage of a newspaper that show the U.S. army torturing and humillating Iraquis in Abu-Ghraib. NASTY.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Bruno, I sent you an email with my very lengthy response. Needless to say, throwing Darfur and Iraq in my face is, I think, a cop out. We were discussing movies, obviously something that's not on the level of importance as Iraq or Africa, so how am I supposed to respond to that? By saying violence in movies IS just as important?

No. So I made a sarcastic joke from my childhood (the "starving children" joke that parents make when you don't eat everything on your plate) and tried to move back to the topic at hand.

On the matter of violence in movies (back to that old topic?) I don't mean these people are physically clapping and hollering at these sights (although some actually are, ugh), but how many 15-year-old men went to see Hostel or Saw for, excuse me, the scares? Or the interesting allegories between the themes of the film and American relations with China or whatever. I assume, not many. They went to see people get cut up. And that's what, I think, these movies are giving them without even a semblence of trying to be anything else (like even the most rudimentary of horror films are).