May 23, 2007

How about they set the next one at a nudist colony?

In the tradition of Ja's The Greatest Movie... series, I saw a certain movie was to be on TV the other night. I checked it out on IMDb and Wiki and discovered the above text and thought "Surely this will be the greatest movie that features a little man emerging out of another man's penis". You'd think a movie with the highlighted death scenes would be sort of hilarious, but no. Leprechaun 4: Space Platoon was ten different kinds of shite. I mean, the leprechaun emerges from the guy's penis! How could they ruin that? (granted, it was the funniest bit in the movie, but still sort of stupid). And when the leprechaun picks up a tray with all sorts of acid-like products on he then just throws the tray and squashes the guy's face. Strange.

Yet, the biggest question I have is how did the leprechaun get into space?! I mean, last time I saw him he was livin' it up in Las Vegas. And now he's in space? Bizarre. The best part of the movie was actually seeing the lead male Brent Jasmer conveniently shred his shirt for the last 15 minutes. He's not my usual type, what with the blank-beekcakeyness, but anything that took the attention away from the surrounding mediocrity was a-okay with me. So, naturally, here are some screencaps that I took (because I got nothin' better to do, apparently).

...and because it's my favourite...

(he's not even doing what you think he's doing. It was just an unfortunate moment to capture)
(click to watch them grow)

It did have Guy Siner as a human/computer hybrid mad scientist. He turns into a hideous half man/half spider thing towards the end of the movie. It wasn't funny. Although I did chucklen when the spider thing tried to grab the lead female (that'd be someone by the name of Jessica Collins) and instead of grabbing her he/it grabbed her pants and so she spent the last 10 minutes running around in her skivvies. Nice, huh? Here's a picture of it for the, what? Five guys who like women around here. Of course I chose a moment with the hideous spider creature thing in it to.

Has there ever been a horror film set at a nudist colony? Cause that'd be hilarious.

Still, Leprechaun 4: Space Platoon is still the greatest movie ever to feature a small man emerging from another man's penis. It's just that that, however much unfortunate, that doesn't really have a lot in movies.


JA said...


Love the nudist camp idea, too.

J.D. Judge said...

They made a fourth one?! WHAT?!

Kamikaze Camel said...

I know, right?! I've only see the third and fourth (Las Vegas and Space Platoon respectively) and it's hard to imagine what was so good about it the first time to warrent a second, let alone a third and fourth.

Anonymous said...

hahah i watched this drunk and a little bit high back when I was at schoolies. from all those years I still remember the quote, "I'm hyuge! I'm magnifeecent!"

Warwick Davis. shame.

Finally, best line from the movie, "I am no longer Mittenhand. Now I am - MITTEN-SHPIDAGHHH."

Anonymous said...

I liked the fact that Jessica Collins had to lose her pants for the last ten minutes of this movie. I saw it as an opportunity for her to show the world her legs and how sexy she looks in her underwear. More movies should have the female lead have to take off/lose her pants, so we can see how sexy they look without them on. I wonder what would happen if Jessica was asked today how she felt about having to be seen in her underwear and her thighs naked?