May 24, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Clubland...

...they decided to rename it Introducing the Dwights. No kidding. What the hell? I can deal with the poster change because, quite frankly, the old one was rather shite, but changing the title to Introducing the Dwights? I don't get it. Have I been under the wrong impression the entire time about about Clubland (which I believe it is still going to be titled in Australia) and that it is actually a broad, most likely ethnic-based comedy about an overbearing mother? Judging by the new title and the silly little pose the cast strike at the bottom of the poster, it sure does look like it.

Oh well. These things happen I guess. But does changing the name like that really make anyone want to see the movie more? I doubt it. Although the movie is Australian so I doubt more than five Americans will go see it anyway (Jindabyne, which I pleaded to at least those in New York and LA to see, but has so far only grossed $150,000). It's out on June 28 in Australia and July 4 in America. Transformers has some big competition for that #1 spot, don't you think? :/

I bet Frankie J Holdon never thought his face would be on an American poster, ey?


Anonymous said...

I love this film. I saw it at Sundance and laughed and cried all the way through this terrific story. I'll definitely take my boy friend! I like the poster too. What other film has Frankie J been in?

Kamikaze Camel said...
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