May 24, 2007

Rihanna has a personality!

Shocking, I know. I'm still all about Rihanna's new near-perfect pop album Good Girl Gone Bad, which after several dozen listens has made me fall in love with every single track (except "Say It", which I can't get into unfortunately). It really is that amazing. One of the standouts is "Breakin' Dishes". It has two hilariously snarky lyrics:

I'm breakin' dishes of your head all night / I ain't gonna stop until I police lights


I'm roashing marshmellows on the fire / what I am burning is your attire

Major, right? She also throws in a three little piggies reference, which is almost too much to handle.

In the below clip from Radio1's Big Weekend, you can watch Rihanna perform said song. It's not as punchy as it is in high-bitrate album quality, but what is bonus about the clip is that for quite possibly the first time in her entire career Rihanna doesn't look like she'd rather be at home scrapbooking or braiding someone's hair. She's got some feist in her. It's as if they injected her with some form of personality serum. You can also see her perform the best single of 2007 so far "Umbrella" by clicking here and her soon-to-be-second single, the "Blue Order"-sampling "Shut Up and Drive" by clicking here.

BTW, her legs look they've had those liquid clothing painted on them. Did she always have legs that long? Yowza. Enjoy. Buy the album.


Dave said...

She did SOS too- 'twas quite amusing. You couldn't really hear her properly. I thought perhaps she doesn't do live very well- but then I hadn't seen the other clips, and she clearly does.

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get into 'Say It'- it's just too bland. The only other track I'm not overawed by is 'Question Existing'- otherwise, it's a superb album.

Finally: I want a Rihanna umbrella!

Kamikaze Camel said...

I became enamoured with "Question Existing" this afternoon, actually. The music is amazing and that part where she starts reading diary extracts. Listen to the lyrics and it's quite good. She's all like "I strip off my clothes and look at the mirror" and that sort of stuff.

"Say It" is just too much like the songs from her other albums which were, as already discussed, dreadful.

and, omg YES! The umbrellas are surely on ebay by now, right? I'm gonna go check.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Alas, they are not on ebay. I might as well go shoot myself. My life is empty without those umbrellas.

Dave said...

A few more listens of 'Question Existing' and it's growing on me- I never disliked it, it just didn't catch me like the other tracks did. I think part of the problem is that the music overwhelms her voice. 'Say It' isn't so bad to my ears anymore either, for some reason.

I *knew* I should've gone to this Radio 1 thing. I could've bought one. Unless the people with the umbrellas were plants. For all we know, these umbrellas have an armoured guard.