April 6, 2007


LOL. I totally make it sound like it's even remotely interesting. It's about my "annual" awards, The UMAs. Let it be known I am only going to see two more 2006 films theatrically - Inland Empire and Curse of the Golden Flower because I want to see them for myself, not because I think I should just so I can add one person to the Best Actor category (that means you Ryan Gosling). I figure, by April that I just have to cut them off unless I really want to see them (such as those two films I mentioned). So that means there will be no Half Nelson, Running with Scissors, The Painted Veil (I really did want to see this but it has no release date. If it suddenly gets released within the next month I'll totally see it though), Sherrybaby, Fur (YES, even though it's Nicole), Three Times, The Science of Sleep, The Dead Girl (I did really want to see it but the time has passed) or a few others.

There's a few more that I just won't get to see such as Venus, Letters From Iwo Jima (ugh, I really wanted to see this one too), Blood Diamond, etc. You can blame bad distribution for some and disinterest for others. I can't see everything! I'll choose to see some of these on DVD and adjust the awards when I do, but... yeah. Don't expect them to be getting any prizes this time around despite high praise from places (and Oscar nominations for some). I blame the distributors for not releasing stuff like Half Nelson when it had Oscar buzz. They've lost my $12 now. And I only have illegal DVDs (thanks Par! thanks Georgie!) for being able to see Dixie Chicks: Shut Up & Sing and Factory Girl. At least that's something. I wish they'd just release movies like Fur or The Dead Girl as direct-to-DVD. At least we'd get to see them.

I still have some 2006 films to see on DVD that are in my QuickFlix queue, stuff like The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Spellbound 2 Wordplay, BoyTown, Art School Confidential (I know it's supposedly shithouse, but it's Zwigoff!) and some others.

But. Yeah. Hopefully when Inland Empire finally gets here I'll be able to do my awards, because that's probably the only movie left that even has a hope to disrupting the major categories (Picture, Director, Actress specifically). By the way, I have finally decided on a concrete final five for my Best Picture category should Inland Empire not make it. I was umming and aahing over what the last slot should go to, but I decided and it's delightfully off-centre (no, not The Black Dahlia) so I'm happy now. Although that final spot in the director category is up for grabs still. Best Actress is still tricky but I think I've got it, although as mentioned, Laura Dern could throw a wrench into the works. Supporting Actor is, typically, a big fat mess with only one performance that I just wanna surround myself in, but I think there's a surprise or two in there (rock stars! mutes! non-performers! but that could still change).

edit: So, I'm scrapping Inland Empire from the awards. Reasoning? Well, turns out the movie has a new Aussie release date. It makes me wanna throw up (JUNE 21!!) So, I think when I see Golden Flower (out in 2 weeks I think) I'm just gonna go ahead with the UMAs because I'm not waiting until bloody JUNE! Ugh. I tellsya. The lineup is still pretty good though and there's good films represented throughout so the omission of Inland Empire won't be felt that badly. But still. I totally expected it to play a somewhat major part. Oh well.


adam k. said...

Will you at least put the others in your 2007 awards? I myself have no hangups about just waiting for June or whenever I get to see everything I want. I can take my time, goddamn it.

With Half Nelson, Venus and Painted Veil gone, you are really clearing a path for The Fountain to win best actor and best score... Veil is the only score this year that's even in the same league as The Fountain's, and since you didn't love Whitaker or McAvoy or DiCaprio's movies (of which you only saw one) and didn't see Venus or especially Half Nelson, I don't see how Hugh could lose... unless you REEEEEEAALLLY love Daniel Craig.

Kamikaze Camel said...

No. Daniel Craig won't win. But don't be too confident about Jackman just yet. I still haven't decided who will win. It's a fierce battle between three men. But that's for you to determine who.

If and when I see movies from 2006 they will still count for the 2006 awards. I'll just edit these. I'm not a stickler for that stuff. Although if Inland Empire really really shines then I might just consider putting it in 2007 to save myself the hassle. I'll cross that road when I come to it.

Painted Veil's score is eligible because I own it and I've heard it. Just like songs are eligible even if I haven't seen the movie. But it will unfortunately be hampered by not seeing it in it's film context. Blah. I'm not overly fussy so I don't really care.

I've got all these awards things on my brain and I don't wanna keep dwelling on them for another 2-3 months.

Ali said...

You'll actually get to see INLAND EMPIRE before me.

Excited for your awards... bring 'em on!