April 6, 2007

A Documentary

Over the course of two years we were allowed to film David Lynch as he worked on his latest film INLAND EMPIRE. Over 700 hours of footage was gathered both on location and in David's home. This film will give the most current perspective on one of cinema's greatest directors and will bring to life his creative process and joy for living life to its fullest potential.

The director began filming David in December 2004 when he went to Lodz, Poland to work on INLAND EMPIRE and photograph abandoned factories. In February of 2005, the director travelled to Los Angeles where he lived at David's residence and filmed him on a daily basis for seven months, documenting not only David's filmmaking process but also each of his other creative interests. After primary filming was completed, the director spent the next year isolated in a mountain home in Guffey, Colorado. He would leave twice to film David, first travelling to Lodz in January of 2006 and then to New York City in October of that same year. In December of 2006 the director returned to Los Angeles to complete the film.

Watch the trailer here

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RC said...

that's cool...i definitly hadn't heard of this!!