March 23, 2007

Nice White Ladies can do anything, dawg

You don't know me! Look at you in that sweater-vest you wearing and that adorable pattern blouse. What you think is gonna happen here? You think you gonna inspire me? You think you gonna break through my tough girl act and teach me the beauty inside? You think you gonna make me do and feel things that I never have never had before? All because you a non-threatening kind-hearted beautiful white lady. Is that you think? Well you wrong. We fight for our lives in these streets.

This speaks for itself doesn't it? Seeing the trailer for Freedom Writers at, seemingly, every movie I go see, just makes me wanna watch Dangerous Minds and forgot that Freedom Writers was ever made. And this one doesn't even have "Gangster's Paradise". I have to review the soundtrack for work though!

But, still, this sketch is a hoot no matter what. Nice White Lady... coming to a cinema near you.

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J.D. Judge said...

God, I love MADtv and it's not always but it does it often brilliant parodies of things.

But, oddly enough, some of my favorites involve the undoubtedly brilliant parody by Debra Wilson of... Mariah Carey. [scrathes head] Well, may I direct you here (which is funniest 2:01 in to the end) and here (Al Pacino will do anything for money, wouldn't he?) Exactly. Good god. The funniest pair of funny things ever.

Great blog. Hehehe. Your verifaction code is "PPScab." Hehehehehehehehe. I'll stop being a retarded American now.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, I've discussed Debra Wilson before (I assume before you were a reader). She really is a genius. Mariah and Whitney. So hilarious. Seriously some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen was on late '90s MadTV with people like Debra Wilson and Mo Collins and Alex Borstein.

JA said...

That was hysterical, Glenn; good find.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Ugh, I wasn't me. I need to do better with claiming where I find things.

JA said...

Bah, giving credit is for pussies! ;-)