February 19, 2007

Abi's missing, Steve's in jail and I'm making out with Jake on the front lawn...

Okay, so I know dream posts are dreadfully boring most of the time, but I only make them when there's extra-interesting things, such as Scar.Jo as a homicidal nun or, ya know, Jamie freakin' Bell! (and Estelle Getty).

But, last night's was crazy weird.

Okay, so I was living in my best friend Georgie's house (she didn't live there at this time though). And then suddenly Jake Gyllenhaal showed up and we were all in love with each other and stuff and yum. Anyway. Soon enough bodies started to pile up, which ain't a good way to "get in the mood". Anyway. It turned out that it was Hatchet Face from John Waters' Cry-Baby. I don’t know why, but Hatchet Face was trying to frame me. I bet she was trying to steal Jakey Poo from me, but bitch plz – Jake has taste.

So, anyway, soon enough (well, right then. My dreams are fast paced) the cops showed up and Jake and I were on the front lawn (odd cause Georgie’s house doesn’t have a front lawn like the one in my dream) and we were all making out and stuff, which was awesome, but we were also saying our goodbyes. And then Hatchet sliced a policeman with a samurai sword that sort of appeared out of nowhere.

And then it ended.

The next dream I had (it’s like Grindhouse. Two for the price of one) was like a warped alternate ending to Little Miss Sunshine. Instead of them arriving at the beauty pageant, something happened that resulting in Steve Carell's Frank being arrested. Then my dream kept skipping forward ten years in time and every year the family (including me) would go visit Frank in jail and have a big Christmas feast (or was it Thanksgiving?)

Funny thing was… Abigail Breslin wasn’t there! Maybe we left her at a rest stop and then just didn’t turn back. I wonder, when Toni and Greg and Steve were all old and wrinkled and on death’s door, where poor Abi was.

It was a strange dream. I think it may have some deep-seeded link to the fact that I have a weird and downright bizarre crush on Steve Carell, which I’ve mentioned before.

Hmm… I should get some actors and film it and make it a special feature on the DVD. No? …oh well.


JA said...

Maybe you were supposed to be Abagail Breslin? And that's why you were there and she wasn't?

Also, I hate you for having a Jake make-out dream, I NEVER HAVE. Ugh. Unfair!

adam k. said...

There is nothing bizarre about having a crush on Steve Carrell.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Nah, I think there is.

Ninja Monkey said...

I'm am so jealous of your Jake make out dream... I've been waiting years for one! How many times di I have to watch his movies before it will happe. Also, now that you mention it, Steve Carrell is totally hot... thanks! Now I'll probably have a make-out dream about him instead! :P

Kamikaze Camel said...

Aw, Ninja. I hope it's a makeout dream with Steve with the beard from Little Miss Sunshine. Cause I really think it's the beard. Or... I dunno. My attraction to him confuses me so much.