February 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Georgie!

It's my Bestie #1's (Georgie) 21st birthday today. Bestie #2's (Hannah) birthday is Sunday. Goodbye $$$, Hello credit card debt!! We're supremely awesome. We're like... some famous band of three. Umm... I dunno. Any suggestions? Sadly, Georgie is asleep right now cause she started her brand new Monday-to-Friday 9-to-5 job last Monday (how unfortunate) and so she'll be in Melbourne all day by herself (I send out happy birthday vibes). Plus, ya know, it's 1:50am so most normal people are indeed tucked tight into bed (or, as that famous Seinfeld episode would have it, untucked). Why am I still awake?

...I'm not sure if y'all notice, but I seem to do a lot of my entries late at night. It seems I have no qualms about proposing marraige to Jamie Bell at this time of night (plus, I am in to way at all a "morning person")

Anyway, Happy Birthday Georgie! To celebrate, here's the first picture I get when searching "Georgie" and "Birthday" in Google Images.

I really don't think I can top that. So, goodnight folks.


Emmie said...

Happy Birthday Georgie! Interesting picture I must say.
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Georgie said...