January 13, 2007

Filthy Scummy Liars!

Being an awards watcher like a lot of you, it is my duty to call "Bullshit!" on something. The image to the left is an ad for Blood Diamond that I cut out of the Herald Sun today. The first time I just glanced over the page I thought it was an ad for The Departed, what with the Leo-ness and the "BEST MOVIE OF 2006" quote to the side (from such an illustrious critic as Nelson Aspen - LOL!). My eyes quickly moved on to an ad for Happy Feet that was situated below (David Stratton's five star review still makes me happy). But then I noticed the title of the Leo ad above and that it was for Blood Diamond.

Fancy my surprise when I actually looked at the entire ad that they are down right lying on their promotional ads! They're filthy LIARS. Incase you can't notice anything that's not right here is a blown up version of the bit where it says what awards it won. Notice anything?

Still nothin'? Okay, check out the winners of the 2006 National Board of Review. Now do you see it?


Filthy scummy liars! Sure, it placed on their Top 10 but the only prize it WON was the Supporting Actor (Djimon Hounsou). I tellsya... I'm not gonna see this movie now. It's blatant false advertising. I wasn't intending on seeing it until DVD, but I'll skip it (especially if they put it on the box!) because it's wrong to decieve people like that. For shame Warner Bros, FOR SHAME!!


Ali said...

That *is* such bullshit; and it's not like many people are award enthusiasts and would catch something like that (people have trouble remembering Oscar's choices.) You should totally call them on it Glenn - I don't know who you'd complain to, but when you find them, threaten to sue them for false advertising!

Kamikaze Camel said...

I know, right! I really wanna do something about this. I'm not sure why they didn't just out winner of best supporting actor. At least that one's true!

I mean, most Australians (and Americans and Canadians and Brits and, well, everyone essentially) wouldn't have the faintest idea who the NBR are, but if they're being placed on an ad like this people will sure go "Oh, it must be good!" cause people are idiots.

Kamikaze Camel said...

"just out winner" should be "just put winner"

Bruno Packer said...

This is fucked up. I'm scared of watching Blood Diamond on just knowing of this nasty ad! Shame on them in deed. I think I'll skip it too. Everyday the trailer looks shittier and shittier.

I think Blood Diamond opens here next week. They'll probably use the same kind of ads aimed to upper-middle class snobs in ther 40's or 50's who lust after "prestigious" fims like this. Yikes!