January 13, 2007

Outcome: Predictable?

Okay, so there are lots of ads for Dreamgirls on television right now (so glad, considering 99% of movies with predominantly black casts get shunned releases or go direct-to-video - "urban" isn't out thing I suppose?), but, I'm fairly certain they give away the ending in pretty much all of them. There's a shot of four women on stage. And considering I know the general basics of the storyline (but not the nitty gritty) I think I can connect the dots and predict the ending. I hope it's not so predictable, but in any case I'll still be seeing it hoping to be dazzled. I really want one of the Best Picture candidates to blow me away.

The Departed? Nicely done, but not what I'm after.

Little Miss Sunshine? Perfectly cute and charming, but not stunning.

The Queen? Pleasant and voyeuristically intriguing, but not stunning.

Babel? er, moving on.

Children of Men, United 93 and Volver never really got off the ground in terms of their Best Picture pushes, either. And Adam - I know you're not a fan, but I hope to be. You're essentially giving me lowered expectations, which usually leads to happier endings for me. So quit it! You hear me?! :P Thanks for you know what though.

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