January 12, 2007

Coming Soon

So, Ja sent me a message on MySpace demanding another "Cinema of the Absurd" entry and, well, it's Ja so I have to comply. You can check out the others I have done in the sidebar (Staying Alive, Friday the 13th Part III - 3D and The Black Dahlia). Now to think of what to write about.

I could write about the Holy Grail's of so-bad-they're-good cinema Showgirls and Jack Frost, or something else like... uh... oooh! Uncle Sam, or maybe The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (starring Matthew Maconaughey and Renee Zelwegger!) or... I dunno. Any suggestions for viewings?

note: all suggestions must be absurd... that's it

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par3182 said...

i think i've suggested this before - the aussie classic razorback

JA said...

Damn straight you gotta comply! ;-)

I don't actually have any recommendations, though. I need to be surprised!

Anonymous said...

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Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh man, I totally just decided on one. It's so juicy. I love it.