January 29, 2007



It's not on their official site, but the mere fact that DendyFilms have picked up Inland Empire for distributions means it won't be 2010 by the time we get to see it. This mysterious April 26 date mentioned on the IMDb forum sounds logical. Well, that it's a Thursday (the day that movies are released here) is the only real clue, but it feels legit.

Man, if that is true though... April 26 can't come soon enough. I'll catch the train up and see the very first session. eeeeeee! So excited. Also, The Notorious Bettie Page is out on March 1. We're finally getting it!!!


Bruno Packer said...

I HATE YOU, no, just kidding.=-D

Anonymous said...

I know someone at Dendy Films... they're definitely releasing THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE on March 8 now.

And Inland Empire is down for May 10.


Kamikaze Camel said...


oh well, May 10 is only 2 weeks later.

The Dendy website says Bettie Page is March 1. Aagh. What's the difference? What point does releasing it one week later serve?

But, at least we're getting these movies.

Bruno, you'll probably get it before we do.