January 29, 2007

Hit Me!

speaking of documentaries... Here's one that is good not because of it's message or it's themes or it's pretty powerpoint presentations, but because it's just good. Who doesn't wanna spend a little under two hours listening to vibrant spectacular music, watching Dave Chappelle do his thing, and see a celebration of life. This movie made me happy like few have this year. It shows good people who aren't drug addicts, aren't blowing things up, aren't dying, aren't child molesters, aren't trying to save the world. No, they're just ordinary people celebrating life by listening to wicked music and funny comedy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Jill Scott? WOW! Why isn't this woman big over here? Erykah Badu (above)? WOW! Why isn't this woman big over here? Contributions by Mos Def (I had no idea of his musical past!), Common, The Roots (there's one scene with them, Erykah and Jill that blows off the roof! It's amazing), Kanye West, Dead Prez and, startlingly, The Fugees! Dave Chappelle's Block Party is just wild toe-tapping fun, and I'd rather see more documentaries like this, which take me to places and let me experience things I never have before, than documentaries that tell me stuff I already know (I'm looking at you Al Gore!). A-

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