June 8, 2006

Baz + Nicole - Russell - Heath + Hugh = OMG!

So, after this entry was debunked it seemed that Baz' historic Australian romance epic would be leading man-less for much longer than it turned out to be.

While I am at odds to actually believe anything IMDb throws at us (particular in their people news section), I would be neglegent and remiss to not mention what they are reporting today that, yes indeed, HUGH JACKMAN IS TO STAR.

This makes me much happier than Heath Ledger or Russell Crowe to be honest. Heath just didn't seem like he fit once I got to thinking about it (anything to do with Baz and Nicole results in constant thinking from moi), but Hugh makes more sense. Plus, he's closer in age. Baz (apparently) tells the Hollywood Reporter "'He just continues to astound in terms of his range, whether it's The Boy From Oz or Wolverine. He's always been a leading man, but he is moving toward being an iconic leading man, which is perfect for the story we're doing.'"

So, what do y'all think about this latest development? Yeah, I'm happy! Plus, the fact that it's set in Australia's far-north means Hugh Jackman will have ample opportunity to take his confining heat-trapping clothes off and parade around in as little as possible. :p

Plus, the movie's probably gonna be good too.

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Cluster Funk said...

I'm excited about this too. I think Hugh has a knack for taking a meaty role turned down by or originally intended for another actor and making it his own. He obviously did so with Wolverine in the 'X-Men' movies, and I think he'll do the same in 'The Fountain,' and this one too. Let's hope for the best because it's a pretty terrific cast and crew they assembled.