October 7, 2007

Wake Up And Pay Attention, Y'all!

I've made many references to my undying love for Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit before. It is one of the greatest movies ever made and don't you try and deny it, okay?! So it was with delight that I came upon the following videos on YouTube of the Musical Theatre department of MichiganU performing a 15-minute abridged version of Back in the Habit using one stage, a few chairs and, wouldn't just know it, a whole lotta talent.

It, basically, destills everything that is perfect and heavensent about the movie into 15 uproariously funny minutes. Watch as Sister Mary Clarence dons her garbage bag habit, as the slightly too masculine Lauryn Hill character imparts her wise ghetto wisdom, or somebody (I'm not sure who is who) doing a spot on impersonation of Sheryl Lee Ralph's domineering mother role. Or watch in stunned wide-eyed amazement as the cast perform a particularly faithful rendition of the film's climactic (and brilliant) song "Joyful Joyful", even down to the fine details that could easily go ignored by the casual moviegoer - the sign language performer, the impromtu Janet Jackson throwback or the ace (and accurate!) choreography.

It's positively uplifting and entirely amazing, just like the movie it represents. Although it was majorly upsetting to realise that they did not include the film's finest and most jive-tastic moment - "I got the flow, you all gotta go, so pick up your bags so we can go, ho-ho!"

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