October 6, 2007

And Now For Something You've Probably Already Heard!

That new Britney Spears video clip? WOW! It. Is. Terrible. I... I am almost without any words, but naturally I can still articulate an insult.

Lazy, Boring, Unsexy and Pointless come to mind as apt adjectives. Britney does nothing in the entire video except walk around a pole. I think the walking was meant to be sexy, but it wasn't. Not to mention the outfit is fug-central. Where's the dancing? Or some form of spirit. I reckon they were going for a "Slave 4 U" vibe, but missed by about forty footy fields. And if Spears was trying to be a stripper or whatever then I don't think she quite has the job requirements.

The camera work appears to be trying for a cool arty effect but comes off as blurry and distracting. Constant switches between black and white and colour and then sepia(?) just make for a discombobulating effort.

Lastly I come to the most bizarre aspect of the video. And it's the blonde Britney. There are a couple of bits, including at the very start, where Britney isn't playing the dark-haired pole dancer but is a blonde-haired gal at the bar. I have no idea why. It's like they were outtakes from a discarded original video. They don't fit into the video in any way and when they are their she's just looking vacant.

It's a very confusing and very poor effort if you ask me, much akin to the "Song 4 Mutya" video. Not at all surprising, though. Still, the song is great.


Madonna Fan said...

Earth to Glenn: Gone are the days of Madonna, George Michael, and Janet Jackson. Great videos are rare. Yeah, Brit's new video sucks, but so do most videos. And, honestly, most of Brits videos suck. I miss the late 80s and early 90s.

Adem IAR said...

It is alarmingly similar in feel to that whole Chaotic fiasco.

BTW: Have you seen Grindhouse yet? There are proper, pretty, fresh and lovely feeling DVD rips of both Planet Terror and Death Proof now online if you're interested (*cough*emailme*cough*)

Although I understand if you'd be avoiding those in order to watch it on a big screen.

Anyways, I watched them a couple of weeks back and have been meaning to tell you I loved, loved, loved them. To make up for the lack of cinema atmosphere, my friends and I watched it at someone's house on their ridiculously large television, which was nice.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Madonna fan, not many video clips are amazing and great, true, but most have production values above $5.

Michael Parsons said...

oh well.

Bring back the music video as art form I say. It seems less known artists are the ones turning out the really great video's these days.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, that's because they're smart and know the "youtube generation" will latch onto anything that's arty and cool.

Still, doesn't guarantee success.

GayAsXmas said...

What's with the hatred for the Song4Mutya video? Admittedly its a bit lazy, but considering its not half as offensive as a lot of the tripe out there, I actually like it a lot. Plus the song is friggin' excellent!

Kamikaze Camel said...

The reason why the "Song 4 Mutya" video is so bad is because the song is THE BEST SONG OF 2007 and just listening to it conjures up all sorts of crazy and wonderful video ideas, but then... they just filmed some people dressed as rabbits at a festival.

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