September 26, 2007

Rogue Talk

Greg McLean, director of Wolf Creek and the soon-to-be-released giant crocodile flick Rogue (reviewed here), spoke to shock till you, a website I had never heard of before (they need to proof read a bit more, if you ask me). McLean is a great bloke - I've met him and, as Ja at MNPP will tell you, the Weinstein brothers are effectively trying to screw him into the ground over Rogue. The topic of those brothers isn't raised in this interview, but it's still a goodie. McLean swears so much! I love it. Here are some choice quotes.

"Anacondas" - I really hate that film...a lot. And when people say, Oh, "Rogue" is like "Anacondas" except with a crocodile, I want to f**kin' kill 'em. I kinda enjoy them all, the really bad ones and the really good ones, but what you hope is that they don't relate your film to "Anacondas."

People always talk shit while making movies because they're f**kin' assholes, but he was a real trooper and it was a really hard shoot. He couldn't easily said, You f**ckin Aussie wankers, get me my agent?

I said, Holy f**k, we've got fifty minutes of people on this island doing f**kin' shit. This is going to be the most boring film in history.

F**kin hell, man. What were they [the makers of Primevil] thinking? ... It was bizarre. It was like "Cry Freedom" meets...I dunno.

My point is thus: Greg McLean is awesome, Rogue is quite good, and I love it when people swear in interviews. But, really, STYD, I can get away without proofreading my blog because nobody cares, but I noticed several mistakes in that one article alone! You site has a .com at the end!

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