September 26, 2007

James McAvoy is a 12-Year-Old Boy

James McAvoy is a cutie. Despite not thinking that much of him as an actor in The Last King of Scotland, I like him. But whoever designed the latest poster for Atonement made him look like a 12-year-old Yu-Gi-Oh character. At least Keira looks amazing amongst all those flowers (that look like poppies, but I could be wrong).

[click to watch it grow, src]

Completely random, can I just say that I love the word "atonement". It sounds so... lyrical. Or something. I dunno. Feels like a very british word, too.


Boyd said...

I'll take whatever McAvoy I can get, haha (as long as it says he's 18+ in his passport)

The real question with regards to this poster, however is SPOILER who the hell though that that tagline didn't spoil anything for those unfamiliar with the story???END SPOILER

J.D. said...

I really freaking love this poster, especially the beautifully toning clash of the gold and silver. Yay! Pokemon reference!