September 10, 2007

Are Your McLeans Showing?

While I'm not sure if anyone outside of Australia will get that title reference, mine surely were showing yesterday when I met Greg McLean (although, in all efforts for full disclosure, I use Colgate). McLean was the director of the 2005 Aussie horror flick Wolf Creek and was at an AFI member's screening of his latest film Rogue, which I've discussed plenty of times before (click the 'Rogue' tag at the bottom to see).

He's a very talented man, which is obvious if you have seen Wolf Creek and Rogue (which I'll be writing about later) and, as an added bonus, he's totally sexy. He rocks the silver fox.

So, anyway, I was sitting in my seat waiting for the screening to start when I look over and immediately recognise him and I'm all "omg!" in my head and I rummage around in my bag and pull out the AFI Screenings Guide that every member gets, and it's filled with details about all the movies and such. I flipped it open to the Rogue page and walked up to him and did something I had never asked anyone to do since my days as a regular footy attendee - I asked for his autograph!

We briefly spoke after that. I mentioned how I "had waged a war on the Weinstein brothers" on his behalf and he and his two guests (Rogue co-producer Matt Hearn (I think) and one of the supporting actors from the film Robert Taylor) laughed and the producer said to join the club. Taylor then asked if we can do wage a war again for another Aussie horror flick Storm Warning, in which he also stars.

Someone else who was talking to him asked him if the film was any different from the last screenings they held and McLean said it was a bit shorter than before. After the screening Taylor mentioned that there will be more of him on the DVD. So, that was pretty cool. McLean was certainly nicer than the director of Irresistible, Ann Turner who, when I asked how she managed to get Susan Sarandon and Emily Blunt to star in her movie, snippily replied "I sent them the script!" and turned around to other people. Hmmm.

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JA said...

Oh Glenn. You dissed with Weinsteins to Greg McLean! You are totally my hero.