September 26, 2007

Mark Blake or Donnie Darko?!?

**sorry, more sport**

Who is more a cult hero? Mark Blake is another Geelong footy player, but more than that, I went to school with him. In Geelong he's a cult footballer, he's a ruckman (like Ottens!), which means he's a) tall and b) can jump high. Good qualities I would imagine. But the thing with Blake is that he's notoriously fickle when it comes to kicking. He hadn't scored a goal all year and usually just handballs the football to others.

But, then after 29 games, against Richmond (sad, sorry, pathetic Richmond) he finally kicked a goal. And then another. Apparently the crowd went absolutely bezerk and all the Geelong players ran down to him to celebrate. Kind of crazy. And then he kicked another one quickly after and it happened all over again.

I was at work today and noticed they're playing the Geelong theme song (and the Melbourne Storm rugby song, bleh) which I found comical. Usually at my work they play Wilson Phillips, Martika, Taylor Dayne, Shannon Noll and Australia's own Bugle Boys (aka Human Nature).


par3182 said...

i, for one, am loving the sports updates

that being said - go the power!

Kamikaze Camel said...

I am telepathically murdering you right now. GRRRR!

If the power win then I am blaming you AND YOU ALONE!