August 29, 2007

Vintage Bruce 3

By now you all know that I worship at the alter of Springsteen, right? He is my God. I shall follow him wherever he may take me. Well my head metaphorically exploded this morning when on page three of the Herald Sun I discovered the following little article in the bottom right hand corner.

[click if you can't read it]

Not only are they offering a free download of his new song "Radio Nowhere" (in which he has recruited The E Street Band. Perhaps the one thing I worship more than Bruce is Bruce and the E Street Band. Clarence Clemons? I love him!) which is about 2789 different kinds of excellent, but they also mention that Bruce and the E Street Band are rumoured to be touring in 2008!!!!!!omg*faints*

For today's clip (every so often until his birthday on Sep 23 I'll be posting random clips for your viewing pleasure) we have Bruce and the E Street Band performing Jimmy Cliff's "Trapped". I'm not sure if this is the only time they ever performed this song, but the version I have on my iPod (from The Essential Bruce Springsteen) and this version on YouTube are exactly the same and makes me think the live version on the CD was taken from this performance. This song, for me, is sort of euphoric and all sorts of amazing. Definitely one of my top 10. Did I mention how awesome Clarence Clemons is? Cause he is. Awesome.

Seriously. Bruce in 1985 (Born in the USA period). Has there ever been anyone sexier?

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