August 14, 2007

Vintage Bruce 1

It's one month and nine days until God Bruce Springsteen turns 58, which means I'll probably be posting lots of Boss-y goodness. For some reason I've been listening to Natalie Cole's "Pink Cadillac" a lot (it keeps randomly popping up on my iPod) and I realised "Hey, I wonder if there's a clip of Bruce singing it on YouTube" because it was originally a B-side of his (to "Born in the USA" if I'm not mistaken... which I probably am) and lo-and-behold there! It's probably from the Born in the USA Tour because he has apparently rarely sung it since 1985.

I must say that this was Bruce at his most sexiest too. All brutish sweaty sleeveless sex on legs, basically. "My love is bigger than a honda, yeah it's bigger than a subaru", indeed! MmmMmm. But there'll be plenty more of the sexy to come over the next month or so. Yummy. By the way, why aren't more rock stars like this today? Too many girls frothing at the mouth over the latest sensitive-guy-with-guitar routine is my guess.

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