August 27, 2007

Questions in a World of Lynch

If you are like me and are a die hard Twin Peaks fanatic then David Lynch's latest interview with MTV (in which he discusses Inland Empire, cooking, The Bourne Ultimatum and digital video) gives us hope that one day - ONE DAY! - we may finally get to see all those long lost deleted scenes from the Twin Peaks movie prequel Fire Walk With Me. The infamous scenes are handpicked by Lynch his apparent five-hour version of Fire Walk With Me that featured story strands from many many more characters that featured throughout the television series, but were deleted from the film because they didn't relate to the Laura Palmer storyline. The reclusive scenes have been tied up in a bitter legal debate between MK2 Films in Europe and New Line Cinema, who released the film. There were rumoured the scenes would show up on some Europe edition of the film, but nothing has come from it.

But, as I said, Lynch (notorious for being stingy on DVD goodies) has given us hope.

MTV: Are you planning to go back to any of your earlier work and add bells and whistles to the DVDs?

Lynch: The only one that's been talked about is "Fire Walk With Me." There are many short scenes that weren't in the final film that on their own are interesting. They just never fit in the film. There's talk of me editing and mixing those. There's a scene with Jack Nance. It's a short scene with Ed [Wright], who played Mr. Mibbler. I loved this guy. He was in "Wild at Heart" as well. Both of them are gone, so to fix those scenes, for the memory of them, it's real important.

It would be great if us Peak tragics could finally get the final piece of the Twin Peaks puzzle. The last footage (that is known to exist) never seen by anyone. There are several pictures on the internet from these scenes and there are online petitions and even MySpace page.

Now that I think of it, there is one more thing we Peaks fans would like, and that would be the release of Angelo Badalamenti's second series score. The first soundtrack is the highest selling television soundtrack of all time, but it was released for the first season and there are many beautiful pieces of music that were used in the second series that are currently only available in random places. The MySpace page I linked to above includes a piece of music entitled "Shelley Quits" and it's magic.

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