August 27, 2007

Awesome Forgiving Action!

Found this at The Hot Blog. It is, and I may overuse the term but I really really mean it this time, the greatest thing in the history of the world (except for rub-on Dora the Explorer tattoos. Those are pretty amazing). If you were a fan of Spider-Man 3 then perhaps you shouldn't click the play button below, but if you were like me and just really really hated it then click away my pretties. CLICK! It's hilarious!

"Let's talk about our feelings!"

"We used to be friends!"
"I think I'm gonna cry."

"No one cares about your career. It's Spider-Man 3 not Mary Jane 3!"


"I forgive you."
"I forgive you."
"I forgive you."
"I forgive you."
"I forgive myself."


"I can play the PIANO!!"

"Can't... make... cut... Everything... so... good...!"

"Kids, it's time for dinner, you've been playing for over two hours!"
"But we haven't even introduced all the villains yet!"

Let me bow down to whoever created this. BRILLIANT!

1 comment:

JA said...

I didn't hate SIII - I mostly enjoyed it, sorta... sorta? - but that was awesome indeed.