August 1, 2007

Out of Control

Unfortunately I had to cancel my attendance at the screening of Control today due to my prolonged illness. Thankfully today's session was sold out, but the second session (on the 11th of August) was not so it was just a matter of cancelling today and booking instead for the 11th. I wish I could've gone to the one today because it was at the Regent Theatre, compared to the Forum Theatre. The Forum has absolutely atrocious seats quite frankly. I'm not sure how they can even use that place as a venue, but oh well.

This sickness of mine has morphed from having me shaking and unable to walk to now merely being a really bad case of a cold (I've been through nearly two boxes of tissues in two days). I'm heading away for a few days on a trip to the Grampians so you won't be getting anything from me (I don't use a laptop) until I get back (Monday). Hopefully I'll be able to give you guys something to chew on before I leave on Friday though. Surely my brain can function enough for that.

Once I get back however I intend to start a countdown. 100-1 of sorts. But I'm not telling you what of. It's not "top 100 movies" or performances though.



J.D. said...

Aww. I hope you get better so you can enjoy your trip.

And hm... 100... hm...

JA said...

Feel better, boo!