July 31, 2007

AFI Contenders

The names of the fifteen films eligable for this year's upcoming AFI Awards. Here are the titles.

The Bet, dir. Lee
Burke & Wills, dir. Torr & Zeremis
Clubland, dir. Nowlan
Dr Plonk, dir. de Heer
The Final Winter, dir. Andrews & Forrest
Gone, dir. Ledwidge
The Home Song Stories, dir. Ayres
Irresistable, dir. Turner
Like Minds, dir. Read
Lucky Miles, dir. Rowland
Noise, dir. Saville
Razzle Dazzle, dir. Ashton
Rogue, dir. McLean
Romulus, My Father, dir. Roxburgh
West, dir. Krige

Last year there were sixteen titles, and we have fifteen this year. I could've sworn there were a couple of other titles - where's December Boys still? It's frustrating to know that there are definitely plenty of other Australian films being made but because of distribution they aren't eligible. Titles such as September, Run Rabbit Run, Boxing Day and Corroboree are all screening at this year's MIFF so maybe next year? The big ommission is Academy Award winner Happy Feet. Strange that it wouldn't have been submitted considering movies like Moulin Rouge! have been. Gone and Like Minds are joint-productions, which makes the omision even more puzzling. Anybody know what happened there? It's not like it's not Australian enough!

I'll put up a preliminary set of predictions for awards just for a lark and based on next to no evidence at all! I've only seen three as of right now, unfortunately. I didn't get to see Razzle Dazzle or Clubland and the rest either aren't released yet or I just never got the chance to see them (Burke and Wills was a prime example of 'LIMITED RELEASE'!)

Dr Plonk
The Home Song Stories

These seem like a natural selection of Best Film nominees. But who knows. Audiences may go for Lucky Miles and it's good heart of Razzle Dazzle and it's laughs or blah yada etc.

Oliver Torr & Matthew Zeremis, Burke and Wills
Rolf de Heer, Dr Plonk
Tony Ayres, Home Song Stories
Matthew Saville, Noise

Nowlan seems like the natural exclusion because de Heer is, well, he's ROLF DE HEER MAKING A BLACK AND WHITE SILENT MOVIE. Noise is hailed (and very great) and Ayres is back! I threw in Torr and Zeremis for extreme hardcore independent filmmaking.

Eric Bana, Romulus, My Father
Khan Chittenden, Clubland
Brendan Cowell, Noise
Nathan Phillips, West

I dunno. Bana and Cowell seems like good bets, but the others I dunno... wild guesses.

Kerry Armstrong, Razzle Dazzle
Brenda Blethyn, Clubland
Joan Chen, The Home Song Stories
Toni Collette, Like Minds

Alongside Blethyn, Chen and Collette there's also Susan Sarandon in Irresistable! What's with all the stars. I'm not sure if Armstrong will be lead or supporting, but I reckon she'll get in eitherway. Seems like a weak field, this category.

Rodney Afif, Lucky Miles
Stephen Curry, Rogue
Nathaniel Dean, The Final Winter
Kodi Smit-McPhee, Romulus, My Father

Not sure why so many people fell for Smit-McPhee, but every review seems to go out of their way to praise him so I threw him in with Dean (who's popular), Curry (who's got a career resurgance going for him and will surely be nommed for The King in TV categories). I threw Afif in because I liked him and I wasn't sure if they'd put him here for Lead.

Emma Booth, Clubland
Emily Blunt, Irresistable
Rebecca Gibney, Clubland
Magda Szubanski, Dr Plonk

I have no idea.

Dr Plonk
The Home Song Stories
Lucky Miles

I think these are original

From my count there's only one adapted screenplay - Romulus, My Father. Maybe I'm missing one? But two? Or THREE? Crikies.

LOL! Okay then.


RC said...

why do you think more australian cinema doesn't adapt from other sources?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Because they're idiots? I don't know. I really don't. Just one of the many confusing trends of the Australian film industry.

RC said...

i feel like soooo many american/british films have source material of some sort...

that's a really interesting trend for sure in Australian cinema.

J.D. said...

I don't think As It Is In Heaven even got a formal release here, and it's been on the Aussie charts for, what, a year? Amazing.

And maybe Australia has more originality...? I don't know. Does it?