August 13, 2007


Here's some links to jog to glance your eyes over.

Time has an article about the lack of romance in cinema these days, with much of the early passages relating back to Baz Luhmann's upcoming (and very much anticipated by moi) romance epic Australia. Sleepless in Seattle was on TV yesterday and I recorded it because I was out, but I just love that movie. It's kind of sad that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is the rom-com that has stuck from the last few years. It's certainly no Sleepless in Seattle or Moonstruck is it?

I've been following the Melbourne Film Blog during MIFF to see what Paul has been saying. His thoughts on David Gordon Green's Snow Angels are very positive, so I'm a tad miffed (lol, pun not intended) that I forgot all about it. I was a fan of Green's Undertow afterall.

XO's Middle Eight has a review of the new Darren Hayes (discussed earlier) album This Delicate Thing We've Made. I have yet to get my hands on a pretty copy of the album, but when I do I will be expecting one of the best albums of the year/decade/forever.

Kevipod has the new Girls Aloud video. Sexy? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Electronic Cerebrectomy (I will never tire of typing that blog name) found a funny/disturbing thing at Roger Ebert's site. I admit to finding Rush Hour 2 a guilty pleasure of sorts, but I have no desire at all to see the third film. It's tired.

I'm not sure where JD got these billboard photos but they're funny as all get out! My favourite is the Christian Coalition of America, although it is true that only we can prevent bears in hats. Also, proof that Anna Faris can make anything funny.

I have to agree with Kenneth in the (212) about Pat Rafter. He's a dish. And even though we don't get to see him running around in small shorts anymore, he does still do underwear advertisements and, well, that's a-okay with me.

Victim of the Time takes a quick (well, 69 minute) look at Christopher Nolan's early film Following. I'd never heard of this and, shockingly (right?), I'm still not interested.

Have a peak at the poster for Paul Haggis' latest, In The Valley of Elah. It's... umm... well, it's sort of shit. I can't even tell that that is Charlize Theron. And there's no Susan Sarandon on the poster! It's all very rah rah Americah, isn't it?

And lastly, Ja at My New Plaid Pants discusses The Blair Witch Project. I concur with every letter of every syllable of ever word. That movie just taps into something that so few films can (for me).


Paul Martin said...

Glenn, both Sleepless in Seattle and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are guilty pleasures for me. The latter is pretty ordinary, but there's some underlying truth to it that only a Greek or one associated with Greeks can fully appreciate. It particularly resonates with me because my partner has Greek parents, I'm Aussie (whatever that means) AND (like in the film) I'm vegetarian. Ha! God we laughed our heads off in that film.

I've had big really nasty conflicts with my in-laws (as you do) and now we're very close. I even kiss like a wog (and make of that what you will).

Don't lament Snow Angels too much; it'll probably make it here either theatrically or DVD.

Kamikaze Camel said...

What does "kiss like a wog" mean? I've kissed a wog and it wasn't that different to kissing anybody else except there was more stubble :)

And if you're home life is like that then I can understand the appreciation for MBFGW whole heartedly. I found it amusing with plenty of decent laughs but nothing terribly remarkable.

J.D. said...

The billboards are fake and from I swore that would've been obvious with the Spam one! But then again, it does make sense, doesn't it? (lol)

I still think Anna Faris is the comedic genius of her generation. I was watching that on TV and couldn't stop laughing. At least 15th-20th time seeing the movie, and I couldn't stop. So I posted it. Fave part: "After all, she was drunk. Actually, drugged. We'd been out the night before celebrating St. Patrick's Day. And she thought, 'Hey, I never tasted crystal meth.' So she had just a little." [laughs]

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh, I knew they were fake, but that still doesn't stop the funny!

rural juror said...

ugh...that poster is just missing Toby Keith. The movie might be good but....geesh

Ali said...

That Elah poster looks like it belongs on a DTV release. So ugly.

And you're right, Charlize doesn't seem quite right.

Paul Martin said...

Kiss like a wog? I give my father-in-law, brothers-in-law and son a double-cheeker, no sweat.

ployp said...

Glad to see that guys also like the so-called 'chick flicks'. Yes it's true that there has been a saddening absence of them from the screen lately. My favorite ones are (in no particular order)
1. While You Were Sleeping
2. Ever After
3. Notting Hill
4. Pretty Woman
5. Just Like Heaven
6. The Lady Eve
7. Sleepless in Seattle
8. Sweet Home Alabama
9. When Harry Ment Sally


Paul Martin said...

My favourite romantic comedies are Like Water for Chocolate and Truly Madly Deeply.