August 13, 2007

Sherrybaby is Going Direct-to-DVD

Just to repeat: Sherrybaby is going direct-to-dvd. Is it too much to ask that The Painted Veil finally gets an Australian release, too? Theatrical, Direct-to-DVD, anything. Please?

Also, I've decided that, in relation to my UMA awards, if a (for example) 2006 film is released after June 30 (the halfway mark of the year in case you're an idiot and didn't realise) 2007 then it will be considered for the 2007 UMA Awards. So when Inland Empire finally gets it's theatrical release on November 15 it will be eligible for the 2007 awards. If I decide to see Sherrybaby it will be eligible for the 2007 awards. If The Painted Veil, Three Times and Duck Season ever get a release they will be eligible for the 2007 awards.

And if a film from the 2007 season is released after June 30 in 2008 then it will be eligible for the 2008 UMA awards. Make sense? I hope so. I just figured that six extra months is more than enough time to release a movie down these here parts of the world, ya know?

But, yes, Sherrybaby is going direct-to-dvd just like Phat Girlz! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!

(these images were taken from my DVD service, Quickflix)


Paul Martin said...

I don't know anything about Sherrybaby but I like anything with a Gyllenhaal in it. That's disappointing that I won't get a chance to see it (I watch very little DVD).

Kamikaze Camel said...

It is odd that a film of this (apparent) quality and with a sellable star isn't getting even a tiny cinema release when there are even the most obscure foreign films that get releases.

J.D. said...

That's the same thing I decided to with mine. The films that I couldn't (not a didn't situation, that's my fault) see in theaters (INLAND EMPIRE is the biggest example) that are released after June 30th I count for 2007. But once I turn 17 (car and R rated movies on my own!) I hope this rule is not needed.

Sorry if I'm rubbing this in, but The Painted Veil is pretty much perfect. The score, the performances, the look, everything. Just sayin'.

Drew said...

I couldn't deal with Sherrybaby and sent it back to Netflix without having given it a full watch. I felt bad, especially because everybody told me I'd love it. And The Painted Veil didn't fare much better, in spite of Naomi Watts. What I'm really excited about is that Inland Empire comes out on DVD in the U.S. tomorrow. Since its release here was so small, it will be the first chance I get to see it.