August 31, 2007

Je t'aime Jamie

Emma over at All About My Movies directed me to an article in The Guardian recently about my Jamie and his latest film, which I am anticipating so much, Hallam Foe. The article is located here, but I chose to give y'all some choice bits.

[Director, David] Mackenzie tells me, "There's no one Jamie's age in this country to touch him. You'd have to draw comparisons with the heroes of 60s cinema. He's bloody good. Very laid back to work with. Takes notes."

Does he live in London now? He flicks me a suspicious look. "Yeah. Just outside."

It has been to his father's credit that, since Bell became famous, he hasn't come forward to claim 50% credit for his genetic make-up. "I wish he had - that would've been hilarious." Bell says this with deep, adolescent sarcasm.

Among his contemporaries, he admires James McAvoy, but says that, generally, "I don't think there's a lot of actors out there right now who really know what they're doing at all. There was a generation of actors who were classically trained, knew what it was. But now I think younger actors, there's no real progression. They're just doing it."

His friend, Anne Hathaway, with whom he worked on Nicholas Nickleby, had a similar problem after her success in the Princess Diaries. "She was in this film Havoc - it's not very good and there's a weird vibe about it, which is that she's taking her clothes off. It's obviously the producer or her manager or her publicist or someone from Disney saying, 'She's getting her tits out, it never happened, she was never in Princess Diaries.'"

I love Jamie so much.

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